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Reuse your luxury vessel!

Our unique and modern glass vessels hold 12 oz of wax and can be reused as flower pots, holders for makeup brushes, eyeliners and pencils, kitchen utensils and much more!  


Coconut & Soy Wax

ANIMA LUXURY CANDLES have developed a propriety blend of all natural coconut & soy wax for the cleanest and slowest burn.


The best ingredients for you.

We believe the ingredients we use should be safe for your health and the health of your family, which is why we use only ethically sourced products when creating our luxury candles. We are committed to keeping the planet and the environment safe and will continue to evolve with such sustainable measures.    FRAGRANCE All of our candles contain premium quality fragrances that are entirely safe to breathe in. They are; PHTALATE-FREE VEGAN CRUELTY-FREE PARABEN-FREE CARCINOGEN FREE   WICKS Burning a wick is sometimes tricky as it can create lots of black smoke and soot. Our natural cotton wicks are; TOXIN-FREE ZINC-FREE SELF-TRIMMING   WAX ANIMA's proprietary blend of coconut & soy wax is the perfect base for a long-lasting...