About Us

Anima Luxury Candles is a luxury candle brand founded in 2021 by couple Mirena & Gary in Quebec, Canada. Inspired by the elegance of the Mediterranean lifestyle and the finer things in life, Anima's philosophy is to deliver a soulful olfactory experience all the while encouraging sustainable and eco-friendly choices. Anima candles are poured in small batches and burn for over 70 hours. 


The word anima means SOUL or SPIRIT in Italian. We want you to remember to take time and do what makes your soul happy.
We created ANIMA Luxury Candles in early 2021 after almost a year of being confined to our home during the pandemic. Our creative juices were stirring and we decided to create Italian inspired candles which were not only scenting our home but were unique pieces of art. 


Our approach to fine detail and appreciation of art and culture is shown in our unique and modern vessels.  Each candle is delicately hand crafted with utmost perfection and attention to detail.




A piece of art on its own, our candles are fabricated with the finest ingredients. Our ingredients are phthalate-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free and vegan.  Our custom all-natural coconut and soy wax blend delivers a smooth white surface and is safe for the environment and our beloved pets.



Anima candles are poured into a modern & reusable glass vessel and always come with a lid. Our natural cotton wicks are safe, meaning they are lead and zinc free and self-trimming. 



Our vision is to deliver a unique luxury candle with premium quality ingredients. We aim to create meaningful experiences that bring the soul on an olfactory journey.